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Chevision is a special purpose corporation that targets growing engineering companies offering environmental engineering and technological services in liquid and solid elimination.

Environmental remediation is a natural and expanding sector of Chevision.  Combining diverse experience and technical capabilities in all areas of environmental concern, Chevision is distinctly suited to develop strategies and implement process solutions.

Chevision is successful in the development and execution of a multiplicity of environmental projects ranging from initial feasibility studies through to engineering, procurement, construction, and start-up.

A seasoned team of highly educated and professional staff ensures that Chevision maintains a dominant position in the production of preventive maintenance products, cleaning products, and environmental products and equipment.

Groups of highly qualified professional and technical personnel meet the requirements and criteria of each project stage. Assignments for industry and the government sector range from advisory consultation with top management to the engineering and management of small and large projects.

The diversity of its expertise, together with its technological and process engineering strength, differentiates Chevision from its competitors in the environmental field.

The nature of our operation reflects and supports our vision of delivering products and systems that benefit both industry and consumers, the environment, and every society world-wide.

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